Dogs and Cats: Learning to Get Along

Walking into the kitchen after a long day of work and school I almost dropped my pink book bag on the floor out of habit. I quickly caught myself and laid my bag on the ground so that I would not startle the animals. I saw one the most delightful sites that I have ever laid eyes on; our dog, Buddie, and our 4-month-old kitten, Iris, standing next to one another.

A Kodak Moment

In lieu of the moment, I pulled out my cell phone as quickly as I could. I managed to get a picture of the two animals in harmony. I never thought that I would see the day that both animals would get along, let alone be in the same vicinity as each other.


Understanding Each Species

Cats and dogs are two extremely different species; each evolved for different purposes, and has a unique place in their relationship with humanity.

  • Dogs evolved as a social species: humans and canines shared the same habitat and hunted the same prey.
  • Originally, humans tolerated cats because they killed rodents, snakes and other pests that gathered around civilization.

The old saying, “fighting like cats and dogs,” may sound cliché; however, that is exactly what will happen if the owner does not introduce both animals properly.

According to an article posted on Animal Planet, because their communication styles differ this can lead to confusion. The most important concept to remember is to go slow. Slow and controlled introductions are important so that cats and dogs learn how to communicate.They are much more likely to fight or be unhappy if you try to force them together suddenly.

Just like people, animals need time to get to know each other. Although, dogs and cats communicate and operate completely different from each other it is possible for them to learn how to communicate with one another.

Iris and Buddie are not the best of friends, but little by little, they are getting there. Iris no longer hisses or runs and hides under the couch in fear of Buddie.

Communicating and introducing foreign concepts, in this case dog-meets-kitten, is a process and takes time. Nevertheless, if done correctly both species can coexist in peace and harmony.

American Veterinary Medical Association reports that 44 percent of U.S. pet owners have multiple-pet households: the most common combination being dogs and cats. Nearly half of the pet owners in the U.S have been successful at co-inhabiting the feline and canine species. Using the proper communication mechanisms can bring together two species that are as different as day and night.


Without respect, there is no love; without communication, there is no relationship.

Comforting a good friend of mine on the phone was not how I envisioned my Friday night ending.


Needless to say, Quintin knows that he can always count on me for words of advice. Quintin and his girlfriend of nine months had broken up earlier during the day. The break-up ended on a sour note, and he needed to vent his frustrations.


Of course, while listening, my inspector ways come out. I have learned throughout life that people try to manipulate his or her versions of stories so that they seem like the good person. And that there is always 3 sides to a story: his, hers, and the truth.

I have concluded that…

The lack of communication on both parties’ ends is the reason that their relationship ended.

He wanted

  •  A fun time
  • To go with the flow
  • To “hang out”
  • To take things slow
  • A committed relationship

She wanted

  • A committed relationship
  • To settle down
  •  Marriage
  • Love
  • Children


From my understanding, Quintin wanted a committed relationship. He just was not ready to take the relationship to the next level: tying the knot.

"If I could go back in time and fix things, I would. We should have had this conversation before jumping into the relationship. I don't even think we will ever be friends again."

“If I could go back in time and fix things, I would. We should have had this conversation before jumping into the relationship. I don’t even think we will even ever be friends again.”
-Quintin Wilson

If they had communicated, what it is that they each wanted to gain out of this relationship from the beginning then it would have never reached this point.

Quintin feels bad about hurting her feelings, he never intended on doing that. And he should, he is partly to blame. On the other hand, she is responsible for letting the relationship go this far and is now being held accountable for her actions: nursing her broken her heart.

According to this article that I read on communicating with your significant other: If you want to communicate better in a relationship, then you have to not only know how to state your ideas but to be able to really listen to your partner. I might add that it is important to know what you are looking for in a relationship.

All of this could have easily been avoided if both parties had communicated each of their goals for this relationship. Quintin’s ex-girlfriend will eventually move on and meet someone who wants the same things that she wants out of life. Nevertheless, she will never get back the time spent with Quintin. Communication helps to avoid wasting time by eliminating confusion and causing clarity.

Welcome to my World: Search, Dig, and Examine

You go digging for dirt and you just might find it. Words that I seem to hear constantly.

What are you doing way up there? You are never going to get what you are looking for by just standing around. Come down here: help me search, dig, and examine.

A blog about my views, thoughts, and opinions just would not be right without a picture of me.

A blog about my views, thoughts, and opinions just would not be right without a picture of me.

Welcome to my world of Snoopsville, where I investigate any and everything that I can come across.

  • Some like to call my thirst for knowledge and understanding pure “nosiness”.
  • I, on the other hand, prefer to think of it as an overly curious buzz that is constantly ringing in my ear.

What did you say? Come a little closer, it is hard to hear you in the deep hole that I have dug myself into. My name, you ask. See you are learning the art of snooping already!

Let me tell you a little about myself; my name is De’Amber Watson and I am third year senior studying Strategic Communications at The Ohio State University. Ironically, this institution is known for their research and inquisitorial ways as well.  Often times, the communications field is overlooked; however, it is an imperative to have because it is used to do just about anything.

Through an internship with the Columbus Urban League I have experience in event planning.

  • During, my internship I was able to grasp the vigorous work put into planning an event.
  • I was in charge of promoting, giving out information, and hosting the Urban League’s annual talent show.

The hard work and dedication put into planning this event was worth the blood, sweat, and tears. The show was a success and the children participating were able to display their skills, talents, and abilities in a safe environment.

After I graduate, I plan on going to graduate school and obtaining my masters in Public Health. To be specific, I want to work with public policy so that I can help make a positive difference in children’s lives. While others see my skill of “investigation” as a nuisance, I view it as a platform that will be instrumental in my success for creating programs that will help children. Communicating is an imperative part of my plan because I will need this skill to share ideas, thoughts, and suggestions. There is a strong correlation between research, communication, and public health.

My love for communication began at early age. I was infatuated with the concept from the moment that I could read and write. My interest has continued to grow as I have evolved into adulthood. I enjoy networking and learning about people. Some mistake my inquiry ways as meddling, but I love the art of communicating and the endless opportunities that it allows me to have.

I will continue to dig until I am certain that I have learned my purpose in this world. And, I don’t mind getting a little muddy either.