Non-profit Organizations Should Blog

They are commonly known as bloggers; however, other names can include: online influencers, new media journalists and online publishers. Whatever title you may use, it is important to realize the impact that blogging has created in this present day and age.


The world of blogging has positively turned and altered communication approaches because readers have the ability to interact with written word.

Readers can now become writers by intermingling and making statements on someone else’s blogs or by even starting a blog of their own.

Two major characteristics of blogging that this has improved communication is the fact that there is personal control that allows the bloggers to write about anything and that the impact of the article is unpredictable.

One of the most influential ways to tell a story that will reach a broad spectrum of people is through a blog. Many non-profit organizations (such as Race for the Cure, MMORE and Charity Newsies) are opening blogs so that people who have benefited from these organizations can tell their stories. The blog atmosphere caters to a more intimate approach that can reach people on a personal level.

Besides drawing in emotional undertones to reach an audience, non-profit organizations also use these blogs for many other reasons.

  1. To report back about an event or conference.
  2. To provide resources and information.
  3. To provide support.
  4. To reach potential donors.
  5. To provide positive media coverage.

The most effective blogs for non-profit organizations provide a two-way stream of communication, tell and share personal stories, explain how donors actions benefit the program and voices gratitude.

Blogging may not be one of the most known or used forms of social media, but it has a special place in this world and will continue to thrive because of its ability to link across multiple platforms.


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