Marketing Tacticts: Facebook Relationship Status

In a world of practically instantaneous communication, Facebook has helped to increase communication globally by bringing friends, family, and compatible people on the same platform.

Target Audience

Targeting certain demographics to sell products is instrumental in the marketing field. I came across an article that describes how using a person’s relationship status on Facebook is being  applied to determine if a product or service is marketable to a certain audience.

When using Facebook as a way to reach the public, marketing agencies have so many options to choose from. Although, relationship status is one of the smaller targets that agencies use to reach their audience I still found it quite interesting that they could use information.


All of the different avenues in which marketing agencies can reach their target audience give marketers more control over how they communicate with their audiences.

Single? Engaged? Married? Divorced?

Who knew that something as simple as knowing a person’s relationship status would open the door to many possibilities in the marketing field.

  • Allows businesses and marketing firms to direct their Facebook ads towards people with different relationship statuses.
  • It is useful for companies and businesses that offer goods or services strictly designed for single, engaged, married or divorced people.

Facebook ads are instrumental in reaching their audience, and because of this they are able to reach exactly who they want.


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