YouTube: Changing How We Communicate

YouTube is changing the way that people collect information, look for sources, and understand information. It is known as a thread that links millions of people globally.



In the last two presidential elections, YouTube has had a very clear impact on the presidential candidates’ campaigns. I stumbled across an article on the NY Times, and its main focus was on how the presidential candidates used social media to drive their campaigns.

  • During the 2012 election, President Barack Obama became the first person to host a Twitter Town Hall Debate.
  •  He also released a weekly address to the public via YouTube that was well received by its audience.

YouTube and social media changing the way in which representatives and candidates communicate with the public.


One of the most influential concepts that coincide with the invention of YouTube is “viral
videos.” These normal people who lead normal lives have made lasting impressions in the world by uploading videos that has gone viral.

Here a few videos that have gone viral:

According to Barbara Feldman’s blog, there is a dark side to YouTube. Viral messaging could potentially be a good thing or it could be bad, depending on the content uploaded in the video. There is the possibility of a negative message spreading fast; however, a positive message can spread just as fast.

The public relations profession is built on a foundation of two-way communication, and YouTube provides audio and visual records that are accessible 24 hours a day from almost any place in the world.


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