P.INK – Pinning Inspirational Breast Cancer Survivor Tattoos –

Today, I participated in my first tweet chat. A tweet chat is similar to a town meeting because they occur at a set time and date.

This particular chat uses hashtag #PinChat and the topics deal with all-things-Pinterest. P.INK is a company that pin tattoo inspirations, ideas, and artist info for breast cancer survivors. The company website is on Pinterest and it is their main platform used to reach their audience; I found this quite amazing.

I had plenty of questions about the company and did not hesitate to ask them. The conversation of during the night shifted depending on the questions. Surprisingly, throughout all of the traffic and amount of people in P.INK’s mentions, they were able to answer all of my questions.

  • What are some limitations to being strictly based online?
  • How did people find out about the company?
  • Is the site experiencing more traffic because it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

Breast cancer and its treatments have everlasting affects on people and the families of those exposed to the illness. P.INK wants to help with the healing process. They have artist from all over the world that come up with memorial, inspirational and even survival tattoo pieces.

P.INK has even been able to build its brand by building connections with people all over the world. Networking and communicating is one of the reasons that the site has been so successful thus far. The company began by using word-of-mouth to spread its message.

P.INK is branching out by creating their first live event: P.INK Day. The company picks a local tattoo parlor to host the event. There free reconstructive tattoos that will cover the scars made from treatment are offered. They are successfully crowd funding to raise revenue for the events.

The main mission for this organization is to help breast cancer survivors use their body as a canvas so that they can tell their story. They hope to uplift, inspire and heal.

If, you are an avid ‘pinner’ who enjoys using Pinterest, I highly suggest that you check out the #PinChat weekly chats. They occur every Wednesday at 9 p.m.


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