Non-profit Organizations Should Blog

They are commonly known as bloggers; however, other names can include: online influencers, new media journalists and online publishers. Whatever title you may use, it is important to realize the impact that blogging has created in this present day and age.


The world of blogging has positively turned and altered communication approaches because readers have the ability to interact with written word.

Readers can now become writers by intermingling and making statements on someone else’s blogs or by even starting a blog of their own.

Two major characteristics of blogging that this has improved communication is the fact that there is personal control that allows the bloggers to write about anything and that the impact of the article is unpredictable.

One of the most influential ways to tell a story that will reach a broad spectrum of people is through a blog. Many non-profit organizations (such as Race for the Cure, MMORE and Charity Newsies) are opening blogs so that people who have benefited from these organizations can tell their stories. The blog atmosphere caters to a more intimate approach that can reach people on a personal level.

Besides drawing in emotional undertones to reach an audience, non-profit organizations also use these blogs for many other reasons.

  1. To report back about an event or conference.
  2. To provide resources and information.
  3. To provide support.
  4. To reach potential donors.
  5. To provide positive media coverage.

The most effective blogs for non-profit organizations provide a two-way stream of communication, tell and share personal stories, explain how donors actions benefit the program and voices gratitude.

Blogging may not be one of the most known or used forms of social media, but it has a special place in this world and will continue to thrive because of its ability to link across multiple platforms.


Marketing Tacticts: Facebook Relationship Status

In a world of practically instantaneous communication, Facebook has helped to increase communication globally by bringing friends, family, and compatible people on the same platform.

Target Audience

Targeting certain demographics to sell products is instrumental in the marketing field. I came across an article that describes how using a person’s relationship status on Facebook is being  applied to determine if a product or service is marketable to a certain audience.

When using Facebook as a way to reach the public, marketing agencies have so many options to choose from. Although, relationship status is one of the smaller targets that agencies use to reach their audience I still found it quite interesting that they could use information.


All of the different avenues in which marketing agencies can reach their target audience give marketers more control over how they communicate with their audiences.

Single? Engaged? Married? Divorced?

Who knew that something as simple as knowing a person’s relationship status would open the door to many possibilities in the marketing field.

  • Allows businesses and marketing firms to direct their Facebook ads towards people with different relationship statuses.
  • It is useful for companies and businesses that offer goods or services strictly designed for single, engaged, married or divorced people.

Facebook ads are instrumental in reaching their audience, and because of this they are able to reach exactly who they want.

The Ohio State Marching Band Leaves Attendees Amazed

Most of the time during half time at football games the crowd leaves the arena to order refreshments and food, not at The Ohio State University.

Merely just one week ago, The Ohio State University band astonished attendees with an elaborate tribute to Michael Jackson.

Most of the people in attendance at the packed stadium stay to watch the highly respected members of #TBDBITL (The Best Damn Band in the Land) perform. And this game was not any different.

Since, the game was a blowout, OSU lead against opponent Penn State throughout the entire game (63-14 final score), the band was just what Buckeye fans needed to add some added excitement in the air.

The “Hollywood Blockbuster Show” caught the attention of people all over the world, including the ‘Today Show’.

The show began with playing music from the movie ‘Superman’ while forming his signature “S” on the chest logo. The crown went nuts when the band posed as superman pushing a fallen building back up.

Band members went on to play music and exhibit excerpts from popular blockbuster movies:

  • ‘Lord of the Rings’
  • ‘Harry Potter’
  •  ‘Pirates of The Caribbean’
  • ‘Jurassic Park’

When the football team is winning with such a big lead the game can get boring, and the band coming out is just what I needed to get excited again. I was ready to leave before the end of second quarter, but the seeing the band perform kept me from going home. I am certainly glad that I did not leave.

There is a reason that dialogue amongst students at the game consist of the ideology that it is harder to make in the band than the football team. The band and their ability to work together and make these formations is truly remarkable.

YouTube: Changing How We Communicate

YouTube is changing the way that people collect information, look for sources, and understand information. It is known as a thread that links millions of people globally.



In the last two presidential elections, YouTube has had a very clear impact on the presidential candidates’ campaigns. I stumbled across an article on the NY Times, and its main focus was on how the presidential candidates used social media to drive their campaigns.

  • During the 2012 election, President Barack Obama became the first person to host a Twitter Town Hall Debate.
  •  He also released a weekly address to the public via YouTube that was well received by its audience.

YouTube and social media changing the way in which representatives and candidates communicate with the public.


One of the most influential concepts that coincide with the invention of YouTube is “viral
videos.” These normal people who lead normal lives have made lasting impressions in the world by uploading videos that has gone viral.

Here a few videos that have gone viral:

According to Barbara Feldman’s blog, there is a dark side to YouTube. Viral messaging could potentially be a good thing or it could be bad, depending on the content uploaded in the video. There is the possibility of a negative message spreading fast; however, a positive message can spread just as fast.

The public relations profession is built on a foundation of two-way communication, and YouTube provides audio and visual records that are accessible 24 hours a day from almost any place in the world.

P.INK – Pinning Inspirational Breast Cancer Survivor Tattoos –

Today, I participated in my first tweet chat. A tweet chat is similar to a town meeting because they occur at a set time and date.

This particular chat uses hashtag #PinChat and the topics deal with all-things-Pinterest. P.INK is a company that pin tattoo inspirations, ideas, and artist info for breast cancer survivors. The company website is on Pinterest and it is their main platform used to reach their audience; I found this quite amazing.

I had plenty of questions about the company and did not hesitate to ask them. The conversation of during the night shifted depending on the questions. Surprisingly, throughout all of the traffic and amount of people in P.INK’s mentions, they were able to answer all of my questions.

  • What are some limitations to being strictly based online?
  • How did people find out about the company?
  • Is the site experiencing more traffic because it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

Breast cancer and its treatments have everlasting affects on people and the families of those exposed to the illness. P.INK wants to help with the healing process. They have artist from all over the world that come up with memorial, inspirational and even survival tattoo pieces.

P.INK has even been able to build its brand by building connections with people all over the world. Networking and communicating is one of the reasons that the site has been so successful thus far. The company began by using word-of-mouth to spread its message.

P.INK is branching out by creating their first live event: P.INK Day. The company picks a local tattoo parlor to host the event. There free reconstructive tattoos that will cover the scars made from treatment are offered. They are successfully crowd funding to raise revenue for the events.

The main mission for this organization is to help breast cancer survivors use their body as a canvas so that they can tell their story. They hope to uplift, inspire and heal.

If, you are an avid ‘pinner’ who enjoys using Pinterest, I highly suggest that you check out the #PinChat weekly chats. They occur every Wednesday at 9 p.m.

The Big Confusion on Tamarack Circle

Although the idea of trying to incorporate cyclist on the roads in the greater Columbus area sounds great, the people who put together the plan to change the traffic patterns on Tamarack Circle did a horrible job at explaining the new road lanes.

Recently, there have been major changes that allow a safer way for pedestrians, cyclist and drivers to maneuver around the circle located on the north side of Columbus, Ohio. As I sat in my car parked in one of the many vacant parking areas inside the circle, I was amazed that no car accidents had occurred, when a little less than a year ago car accidents, mostly minor fender-benders, were a constant headache when taking the circle route to get around town.

It is normal for construction workers to draw the lane lines after they lay pavement down on the ground. And that is exactly what happened, but when the city decided to put new pavement down in the circle, they also decided to change the whole layout of the lanes.

 Before, the circle was two lanes that went in one direction. Now the circle has one lane designated for drivers, a smaller lane in the middle for bicyclist, and lane on the outer part for parking.

The layout of the circle makes sense now, but for the longest time I witnessed numerous amounts of car accidents. The city planners who put this change together had good intentions and the outcome was great, but the road getting to the outcome was not so clean-cut.

  • There were no signs posted up saying which lanes were which.
  • Drivers were confused as to which lane it is that they should drive in.
  • I witnessed a motorcycle driving in the bicycle lane.

However, the newest edition and best thing added thus far, is a simple sign that has a drawing of the three lanes and what belongs in each lane. SignTamarackCircle

If I were a part of the planning committee, I would have made the suggestion that the signs are posted as soon as the construction workers finished repaving the streets and marking each lane. I think that a lot of confusion and more car accidents would have been avoided.

After further investigation I have concluded that the lack of communication of the lane changes lead to:

Misunderstandings + Confusion = Car accidents.

I could not help but to think that if they had someone with a communications degree the signs would have been one of the first things posted, and not the last.

Biggest Tactic for Football

The Ohio State Buckeye’s football team will remain undefeated after winning a challenging game against Northwestern University.

Although, there a plenty of technical aspects over key plays that is debatable about what each team could have done to win the game, I noticed that people who eat; breathe; and sleep football, also eat; sleep; and breathe communication.

According to an article written on this website, “the most important tactic in football is Communication.”

One of the key elements, if not the most important, aspects on the field of running great plays is great communication in football. Players need to communicate effectively with each other so that they play well as a team.

Communication in sports is vital for success because without communication players and coaches do not know what other people are thinking. If there is lack of communication then players will rely on assuming what play is going to occur, or which side the ball will land. And we all know what happens when people assume: mistakes that could have been easily avoided occur.

Football is a team game, consequently players and coaches need to voice problems, so the issues are resolved.

    • Voicing gratitude on a great play so that players know that their efforts are appreciated.
    • Voicing encouragement when a player is not having the best of games will help a disgruntled player remain positive.
Ohio State players receive leafs on their helmets whenever they do something good. This is a non-verbal form of communication from the coaches signifying, “well done, keep up the good work."

Ohio State players receive leafs on their helmets whenever they do something good. This is a non-verbal form of communication from the coaches signifying, “well done, keep up the good work.”

In football, the mode of communication is a critical to success on and off the field. Furthermore, communication not only means talking to one another verbally, but non-verbal cues play an important part as well. Particularly, on the field communication is performed in several ways: speech, body language, sign language and eye contact. Using hand signals and other gestures is important so that the other team does not know what is going on. Different ways to ask for the ball:

    • Running into an open space
    • Asking for the ball – speech
    • Raising hands
    • Making eye contact

The bottom line is, even in the high-level physical sport of football, communication is crucial.